A “Jesus Loves Me” moment with Damion

A “Jesus Loves Me” moment with Damion

As I was strapping Damion into his booster seat he did his normal thing and grabbed my reading glasses from my pocket and put them on! I was also quick on the draw with my iPhone to catch this moment with him!

September 17, 2017 – Sunday we loaded Damion and Elaina into my RAV4, after a great day at church, and headed to our favorite after church place to eat, which is Silver Star. As I pulled out onto Main Street I could hear Damion singing, “Jesus Loves Me…” softly from the back seat! A moment that lifted my heart for sure. He and Elaina are in their second year of kids choir at church and their cousins Jayden and Journey started going this year. Nothing sweeter than the sound of a young child singing in my book!!! I just hope that they all continue to do so!!


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